Photo Diary – LILLE

We stayed in beautiful Lille, France for 3 days, hoping to get a little bit of sun but the weather seriously was not that different than it was is Holland :))


But we did have one good shiny day. And we’re grateful for that.


We stayed in Grand Hotel Bellevue. It was such a pretty old-style hotel (which I love!!) and the staffs are friendly and helpful.




I enjoy the colour palette of this hotel interior. Royal blue and gold, combined with marble surfaces here and there. Plus this old elevator was like the icing of the cake ūüôā




When in France, gotta check the vast option of beauty products at the pharmacy.



This red dress is vintage, got it from Episode vintage shop in Amsterdam.


Is it wine o’clock already?


The next day…


Dress from Mango.


We had the best quiche ever!!


At the citadel.





If you happen to visit Lille and enjoy vintage shopping, you need to go here!! (picture below) The lady owner was super lovely and stylish! Although her English was not so good, she helped me a lot. I could feel her sincerity and her love for the stuffs she sells. I got myself a couple of super chic and lovely trousers here.


And get yourself some sweets from Meert. Because you deserve it ūüėČ


This jacket I got from a vintage shop in Antwerp. Yes, I love vintage clothing! (and furniture too..)



Dinner at the infamous local restaurant¬†Les Compagnons de¬†la Grappe. Come here a bit earlier because this place gets full really quickly! My advice, when you’re here, try their Carbonnade flamande. It is a specialty dish in Lille,¬†beef stew cooked in beer. You’re welcome.


Here comes the last day. Time to go home..


Dress is also vintage, I bought it in Den Haag.


Train ride, nice scenery, a good book, and some sweets.. Perfection.



See you on next post!




Hello people!
Seems like we’ve¬†a lot of catching up to do. So let’s get started with my April monthly favourites, shall we?

Zara Coat


I fell in love with this Chanel-esque frock¬†coat from Zara since it effortlessly elevates any outfits and makes you look so chic. It is not very¬†warm though, so¬†it is perfect for spring season. In the picture I was wearing a warm sweater inside since it’s always cold here in The Hague anyway.
I’ve tried to find the link but they don’t have it anymore in this colour. But you can still check their other coats with similar style now at Zara’s webshop!

Fossil – Emma Satchel Bag


Anyone who follows my instagram or my friends IRL must have noticed that I’ve been wearing this bag non.stop. This is such an amazing leather bag in quality and size. Yes, THE SIZE! I swear it fits everything… My essentials, makeup pouch, my Canon G7X camera, my fat Senz umbrella, and whatnot. It also looks so classic and a little bit preppy which I like: it tones down the whole look and makes the overall outfit be low-key chic. Fossil is an amazing brand for high quality leather goods in quite an affordable price.

Get the bag HERE.

MEMO – French Leather


This is everything I want in a perfume. Imagine you sitting in cosy parisian cafe, there is bouquet of roses on a table, you’re in love and you waiting for your lover, you opening your leather purse grabbing red lipstick. This is MEMO French Leather! MEMO is such an amazing niche brand with superior quality fragrance. What I love the most¬†is their formula: you can smell the scents so solidly since the first spray. There is no “alcoholic” smell at all like all other perfumes, meaning that their perfume oil content is that high. I have mentioned about this brand from my Babassu review here. I decided to get the French Leather since it truly represents my personality: full of contradiction. It’s so hard to describe.. but it has those fresh and floral scents from lime, pink pepper, and rose, yet dark and smooth like brown suede and leather. The scent blends¬†in my skin perfectly and it stays all day long!
The price is quite steep¬†for a 75ml eau de perfume, but I should say it is worth every single penny and I would definitely repurchase once I finish with it. Because that’s how much I love it.

Get the perfume HERE or directly on their website HERE.

Cluse –¬†La Vedette Mesh Full in¬†Rose Gold


I’ve been looking for a perfect small sized watch that is not too flashy but still look dressy. I tried to purchase the one from Bering at de Bijenkorf but it was completely out of stock ūüė¶ Luckily I’ve found a similar one from Cluse for a more affordable price! And it is also less pinkish which I like because it¬†is¬†more neutral and blends so much more naturally on my skin tone.

Get the watch HERE.

LUSH¬†–¬†Celestial moisturiser


Hands down. This moisturiser does wonders to my sensitive – dry skin. I ran out of my usual I’m From Vitamin Tree Watergel and my skin was really in need for more hydration. So I then tried this moisturiser from Lush, which I was so scared to begin with because Lush skincare for me is a hit-and-miss, since my face is sensitive to perfume and you all know Lush is so much about¬†that fragrant life. I’ve tried the Million Dollar moisturiser in the past but it just stayed¬†on the surface of my skin and the¬†face¬†still got flakey, so I gave it up. But Celestial is a WOW. This calms my skin immensely¬†that the redness on my skin is so much less now, and it keeps my skin supple and dewy all day long! Another big plus, it’s non-fragranced. Now I can not have a day without it.

Get Celestial HERE.

The Ordinary¬†–¬†Niaciamide 10% + Zinc 1%


This skincare line from Deciem has been taking over the internet recently and I can understand why. They offer this straight forward skincare products – mostly serums -with different active ingredients in very¬†affordable prices (I bought this one for only around 6 euro). And they work. I picked¬†this one with Niaciamide, which is a part of vitamin B group, to help lighten my acne scars. We all know¬†Vitamin C is a¬†very effective¬†ingredient to fight with hyper pigmentation, but unfortunately my sensitive skin can not take it ūüė¶ even a low dosage of L-ascorbic acid (the most common vitamin C derivative) can get my skin red, blotchy, and itchy :(( So I opted for Niaciamide instead and it works well! My skin doesn’t react to it and although the progress is not dramatically fast, I can already see some good improvement on my acne scars.

Get the serum HERE.

Walter Benedict

I also found new favourite place to hang out in The Hague! It is a french bistro Walter Benedict¬†at Denneweg. They¬†offer¬†diverse lunch and dinner menu, a nice list of wine, decent coffee, and soothing¬†lounge French music. The interior is so cozy too! It is like a more grown-up hip place ūüėČ




then the last but not least….

Lovewave – Í∑ł Žį§ (The Night)

Open the link only when you want to fall asleep fast. This is one of those songs that you’d want to listen to during those sleepless nights. Everything in this song is¬†extremely soothing. Give it a try!


So finally this post has to come to an end, and I’m so happy to have shared with you, you lovely people! And if you enjoy my content here, you can also check my Instagram page (@heyhegia) because¬†I post pictures daily there, and let’s be friends! ūüôā
Hope to see you again soon,




Get to know me a little bit better, if you want.


I believe in astrology. I was born as a Leo in a fire tiger year. I believe that is to be held accountable for my endless burning energy sometimes.


I always have vivid dreams in my sleep. I feel like myself is split into two dimensions: where I am now, and where I am in my sleep. The dream dimension always stays the same since I was a child, sometimes I revisit places in my dream from 20 years ago. But the thing is, those places don’t really exist in the world I live in now.


I find myself not giving a f–k to things that need to be given a f–k, and yet giving f–k to things that I shouldn’t give my f–k.


I am not scared to be strange. During my uni time I was so different from everyone else and I was fine with that. They can call me strange but for me, my own world is


Many people wonder about what’s the meaning of my name, Hegia. To be honest there’s no actual meaning. And no, it’s not inspired by the building in Istanbul (I wish..). It is actually simply my parents name combined together HE_____ + GIA_____ (yaaayyyy… problem solved)


People laugh at my jokes even though I don’t consider myself as a funny person.



I see myself as a shy and reserved person.


But that’s not how people see me.


I love living in the heart of the city. I can never live in the countryside. I like living in a crowd, among a lot of people. But in one condition, they shouldn’t bother me. I am not fond too much of human interaction. People drain my energy.


I don’t drink black coffee. My coffee should be milky, creamy, with a little bit of sugar.


I don’t like being the centre of attention.


But I stand out.


I hate texting, whatsapp-ing, messenger-ing, you name it. I am always so lazy to check my messages and reply to them, that’s why I feel that some of my friends and family think that I don’t care about them but that’s not true.


For me, Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world and it will never change. That’s why it saddens me terribly¬†with everything that is happening in Turkey nowadays.



I hate to admit it but I am a very sensitive person. I can cry out of nothing in a very wrong timing. Just because i feel some emotions flowing out suddenly.


I read Russian perfectly.


I can sing in many different languages (English, Indonesian, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Korean, etc) because for me, music is universal and I love this world I live in. Singing is my form of appreciation to other cultures and a celebration for the talent I was given with.




Congrats! So now you kind of know me a little bit better ūüėČ




If you ask me to name¬†one shop in Den Haag, that I would enjoy staying as long as possible, it would be Babassu. Located in the the centre of the city, Babassu offers a sweet escape for anyone who loves a dreamy world (at least that’s what I am.. ūüėČ ) Whether you desire an effective and relaxing spa treatment, are looking for an exquisite perfume, or a special gift which¬†you will never¬†find anywhere else, you are in for a treat!


I myself used to shop at Babassu online before they opened their store here in Den Haag¬†for beauty brands like Becca, By Terry, and Oribe as I can’t find them anywhere else here in Holland. So when I heard they are now open in Den Haag, I just had to check it out. And it only gets better, once you enter the shop you will feel like you are entering a completely different world. They offer you something different than the other commercial beauty shops out there. It is an experience on itself!


If you are not aware of niche beauty brands, especially perfume, you should come here and see yourself how beautiful they are! Beautiful and unique packagings, exquisite scents that takes you to a completely different world, and of course all of them tells each own’s story.

The store staff Denise, she loves¬†to tell you the stories behind each perfume. I myself fell in love with Memo Paris, a fragrance house¬†founded by John and Clara Molloy in 2007. The pair met on a chair lift and decided to set off on a journey together. Each perfume they created contains memories from each places they’ve visited, hence the name MEMO (from memory). I am, honestly, so impressed by the quality of this perfume brand, you can smell the fragrance so clearly since the first spray instead of those “alcoholic” smell, and the staying power is amazing.


PS: I’m surely getting my hands on the French Leather this week!

They also carry Penhaligon’s perfumes. Remember my Ellenisia post? It’a an amazing scent for spring season! I also like Iris Prima, as it reminds me somehow of my childhood when I was still a ballerina ūüėČ


You can also find a lot of different options for beautiful and unique gifts. Tea from Ladurée, scented candles from Cire Trudon or incense from Astier de Villate, or the very exclusive cologne and potpourri from Acqua di Colonia.




And if you are a fan of Molton Brown like I am, I promise you will be pleased here.



I am currently loving hand cremes from Benamor, a Portuguese brand that were based on natural ingredients and packaged in adorable art deco tubes that are so irresistible! My favourite ones are Rose Amelie and Jacaranda.

If you are looking for something unisex and minimalistic, you will be loving the vast options Laboratorio Olfattivo have in store!


Now let’s head to the cosmetics section which are so tempting!



And my favourite hair styling brand Oribe! I’m planning to get my hands on their Signature shampoo and conditioner after I finish with my Bumble and Bumble.


Upstairs is the spa treatment area. It is completely tranquil and allows you to feel fully pampered. There are different brands you can choose for your treatment, including Natura Bisse, Perricone MD, Dermalogica, Tata Harper, and Omorovicza. Beside facial treatments, Babassu also offers other common treatments such as manicure and pedicure, make up, waxing and IPL, etc. Check out their website for seeing all of their options.


One nice thing about the location of Babassu¬†is that you can park your bike directly near the shop, so you can feel at ease coming for a treatment with no makeup on, directly to the shop and no need¬†to walk through sea of people. Each one of us surely has one of those days, right ūüėČ

That’s it for my another Where to Go series! I am so excited to tell you about places that I genuinely love here in Den Haag. I am that kind of girl who always comes back to my favourite places and never gets tired of it :)) ¬†I myself will go back to Babassu some time this week to get my hands on Memo Paris’s French Leather!¬†Oh God I can’t wait….

Babassu Den Haag
Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 30
2513 AL Den Haag
070 360 8965

PS: They also have stores in Amsterdam, Leiden, and Wassenaar!


See you again on next post,


The spring is finally here, and I am so delighted to feel the warm sun again on my skin. I see the flowers are starting to bloom, the tulips, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and roses. I enjoy getting some¬†flowers for myself. Especially roses, since it is my all-time favourite flower. I love jasmine and iris too, but it’s not their season yet.


Especially in this time of the year I always feel ultra feminine, I love pampering myself with really nice chocolate truffles and filled the air with flower fragrance. My favourite perfume for this reason is Penhaligon’s Ellenisia, for which I made a complete review here.

And I also discovered an absolutely gorgeous hand cream from Benamor, the one I picked (Rose Amelie) smells soooo heavenly, absorbed so quickly, but still leaves my hands so soft and silky.


If you are in the Netherlands, you can purchased Benamor products at Babassu, my favourite shop for niche brands!

And my husband Bob has always been spoiling me with delightful chocolate truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. Before the taste, can we take a second to just adore their packaging? Pastel colours with golden lining, so gorgeous! So far I’ve tried the Dark Sea Salt Caramel which I absolutely love, but this ¬†Pink Marc de Champagne is also very lovely.


So if you need some indulgent anytime, chocolate truffles always sound like good idea, right? Here in Holland you can get them from de Bijenkorf.

This is it for a little spring delight, see you soon on next post ‚̧



Hello there! I actually have prepared this post since 2 weeks ago but I’ve been super super busy so I apologise for the delay. As you all notice I had been rocking¬†pink hair for awhile. A lot of people asked me what I do to take care of my coloured hair. So I think it is the time to share you my secret ‚̧

I use multiple products to keep my hair on point, to be honest it’s such a chore but I have to do what I’ve got to do, right? Let’s get started then!



Having coloured hair means that I have to be extra picky when it comes to washing my hair. Some shampoos can wash the colour out rapidly than others. Choose products that are labeled as “colour safe”. I use Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner, they work pretty well on cleansing and moisturise my hair with minimal colour bleeding. The blend of 6 different oils in this particular line helps to detangle my hair, which was also an issue with I always have with my hair. However,¬†I like this shampoo and conditioner¬†but I’m not that obsessed with them. I will probably switch to Oribe Signature shampoo and conditioner after I finish with this one.

I purchased them in Gould Kappers in Den Haag. It is a hair salon that exclusively¬†using Bumble and Bumble products in their salon. It is actually located just right across Hug The Tea from my previous blog post! ūüėÄ But if you don’t live in Den Haag, you can also get Bumble and Bumble products here.



After washing my hair, before start brushing it I always spray my hair with this detangling¬†spray¬†from Matrix. Although my hair is already pretty smooth from the conditioner, I still need this spray, I will never try to brush my wet hair without it!! It makes my life so much easier. It’s non sticky and does not smell too strong. I got this spray from here.



If you’ve been with me for a while you must be familiar with these ones. I’ve mentioned them many times already in my previous posts. The main ingredients of this line from Natura Siberica is sea-buckthorn oil. So I apply¬†the hair oil only at¬†the tip of my hair while it’s still wet. I also use the hair mask every week in place of my conditioner to give that extra repaire boost! You can get Natura Siberica products here.



This is a holy grail product. This ultra-rich cream is so amazing to moisturise the dry and frizzy parts of your hair like, in a blink of an eye! I apply it anytime on dry hair, when I’m in tram, at home watching series, of before i go out just to make sure my hair looks shiny and extra healthy. A little bit goes a long way though! So be careful not to be carried away or you’ll end up like a greasy mess :)) Get the product here.



Oh yes, whenever I want to have an extra “oomph” for my hair, make it extra volumious and va-va-voom, I will use this dry texturizing spray¬†by Oribe. You can also use it as a dry shampoo, with an extra volume (who doesn’t want that?!). The downside is that it is so expensive. I have mine in travel size for ‚ā¨22, and ‚ā¨44 for a full size. If you are in the Netherlands, you can get Oribe products¬†here.


By the time I’m typing this, I actually have just dyed my hair dark again. However, you all know I had been rocking dark pink hair for quite a long time. I’ve got often asked how did I get my hair done, and the truth is I did everything all by myself.

I have a natural dark brown hair just like any other Asian people, so I had to bleach by hair first. After bleaching then I apply semi permanent hair colour diluted with any white conditioner. Here goes the fun part. You can mix any colour in order to reach those unique colour that you desire. For my signature hair colour I mixed La Riche Direction in Tulip with a liiiitle bit of Dark Tulip, resulting in dark, purplish pink.


The result:



I purchased all my hair colouring products from Pro Duo, a retail chain for hair salon supplies, which is located near my house.

Unfortunately, the colour will always washed out every time I wash my hair, that made me have to re-color my hair every 2 weeks. And that is the main reason why I decided to go back to dark hair, as I don’t have time to do that anymore.

So, that’s it for my haircare routine. I know it’s quite complex but I love the fact that my hair still feels quite healthy despite all the chemical processes it had been through. So if you ever wish to get your hair coloured (like a unicorn…), prepare yourself for giving your hair those extra treats to keep it healthy and happy!

Thank you for reading and see you on next post!
If you have any question you can always drop in the comment section below, I’d be happy to help ūüôā


Are you an avid green tea lover like I am? There is a perfect tea bar that you need to check out when you are in Den Haag (or The Hague in English). Located in a perfect little corner of Oude Molstraat and Nobelstraat, this tea bar has taken its specialty in serving only organic, premium quality matcha (powdered green tea leaves) products, directly from the Japanese tea farmers.


Claire & Lisa, the ‚ÄėBlending Tea Sisters‚Äô created HUG THE TEA in 2015. You know, I really admire when ¬†young people like them¬†create something and chase after their passion, it makes me feel so inspired and motivated! ūüėÄ

Claire does her matcha mixing routine with a smile ūüôā

I went there twice, first time I was there I met Lisa, and the second time Claire was there. They warmly welcomed my friend and me, we also had a nice little chat, and of course, the matcha latte was perfect!



They also serve some matcha-made sweets, such as cake, biscuits, chocolate, and macaroons! They make a perfect match for the slightly bitter taste of matcha. Do you know that¬†Japanese green tea¬†is not only delightful, but do also have many different health benefits? Drinking green tea everyday helps to keep a healthy¬†body and mind, since it is rich in antioxidants, catechins (EGCg), thein, theanine and vitamin C. It makes a perfect substitute for coffee, since it helps to make you feel that mind alertness¬†but in more stable way ( you know what I mean, when the effect of the coffee starts to “wear off”…)



Despite a small space it has, you can always find a seat around the windows. I find it so nice, to drink your green tea while looking outside ūüôā


The price is fair, you pay for the quality. A cup of matcha latte + a snack would cost you around 5-7 euros. You can also buy various types of organic premium green tea leaves here. They have a lot of exciting options!



And different kinds of tea accessories. They are so nicely displayed and I felt like I want to buy everything! :))) (Especially those adorable tea cans….)





They also hold Matcha Tea Tasting event every the end of the month. You can sign up on its¬†Facebook event¬†to participate and fulfil your passion for green tea! ūüėÄ

I personally am so happy to discover this place, since matcha is still very little known in European society. I’ve been craving for it for such a long time and now I know where to go. So thank you Claire and Lisa for creating such a beautiful place! Hope to come again soon and taste another green tea next time. There is still so much to discover ūüôā

Hope you enjoy this post, I will start posting more about hidden gems in Den Haag since i love this city so much. Stay tune lovelies and see you soon :*