Beautiful scents: L’Artisan Parfumeur

If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you’d know that I love supporting niche perfumes. That’s why I was so happy when Alexandra from L’Artisan Parfumeur contacted me through my instagram! The French brand, established in 1976 by Jean Laporte, is actually one of the pioneers of niche perfumery. They have a wide selection of scent, so it could be an overwhelming process to pick one. That’s why, although they didn’t ask me to make this blogpost, I’m eager to share with you my thoughts on every scent I’ve received from them, because the scents are indeed so beautiful and unique, just like their names. Everything I write here is based on my pure opinion, and I hope you can find this review helpful.

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Hello all!
The month of March has just passed, and it means the time for another monthly favourites! Some products that are mentioned here actually are my re-discoveries, meaning that I have owned them for quite a long time but I just happened to love using them so much (again) lately.

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If you ask me to name one shop in Den Haag, that I would enjoy staying as long as possible, it would be Babassu. Located in the the centre of the city, Babassu offers a sweet escape for anyone who loves a dreamy world (at least that’s what I am.. 😉 ) Whether you desire an effective and relaxing spa treatment, are looking for an exquisite perfume, or a special gift which you will never find anywhere else, you are in for a treat!

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The spring is finally here, and I am so delighted to feel the warm sun again on my skin. I see the flowers are starting to bloom, the tulips, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and roses. I enjoy getting some flowers for myself. Especially roses, since it is my all-time favourite flower. I love jasmine and iris too, but it’s not their season yet.

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Hello there! I actually have prepared this post since 2 weeks ago but I’ve been super super busy so I apologise for the delay. As you all notice I had been rocking pink hair for awhile. A lot of people asked me what I do to take care of my coloured hair. So I think it is the time to share you my secret ❤

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I’m back with monthly favourites! A little bit delayed, but I hope you don’t mind 😀 let’s start now with:

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I’ve recently got my hands on this beautiful perfume from Penhaligon’s, which makes it my first perfume from a niche luxury brand category. I should admit, the first thing that got into me was the uber cute packaging! And then the more I looked the brand up, the more interested I became. There is something special with wearing a niche perfume, it feels more secretive, more special. I’ve always been a Chanel no.5 girl but I think now I’m going to turn my back away from the mainstream!



The real, freezing cold winter is finally here and it is the best time of the year to stay cozy at home, snuggle in warm and fluffy blanket, drink hot chocolate, and do a movie marathon 😀 I am that person that normally feels lazy to take shower in the winter (oops… you got me), but I’ve found the best way to motivate myself better! Now I am such a hoarder for body care products. I take my shower routine seriously, making it a blissful experience  without having to have a bath. I will show you my top favourite products for pampering myself during this colder months, making me smell ultra amazing, and improving my quality of winter life in general :))

Now grab your blanket, get yourself cozy, and keep reading.



This is a handmade pine soap from Natura Siberica. The smell is A.MA.ZING. It takes you immediately into a deep deep pine forest where the delicate snow keeps falling from the sky… You are welcome.
Get the soap here.



This Tsar Mulberry, is the best body scrub I’ve ever tried. The scrubs are made of grinded pine nutshell, how amazing is that?? I can really feel the scrubs polishing my skin in such a perfect intensity, not too soft, but not too harsh. It smells like berries but not too sweet, rather delicate yet delicious!
Get the body scrub here.



So after the soap and the scrub, I use this Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush. It is practically a body butter but you use it under the shower. It really makes my skin super duper soft and moisturised after shower that I don’t even need to apply body lotion afterwards! It is that amazing that I HAD to buy it in half a litre size! It smells like roses but in a yummy way 😀
Get the body conditioner here.



Natura Siberica is one of my favourite brands, okay? :)) I’ve already mentioned this beautiful hand cream in my previous post. Leaves my hands super hydrated without feeling greasy, and the smell is indescribable… not like any typical berry smell. More wintery, more crisp, yet beautiful.
Get the hand cream here.



Winter is an eternal enemy for dry lips. Protect and seal your lips with this beautiful Baume de Rose from By Terry. I already wrote a review on this product on this blog post. Legit the best lip balm I’ve ever tried.
Get the lip balm here.


The last thing that you should not forget to keep you cozy in this season is….


A nice scented candle. I love the smell of woods (sandalwoods, cedar woods, mahogany, pine woods) and amber for months January-February. It really brings such a  warmth into the room. You can basically get this kind of scented candles from various shops. I got mine simply from H&M home.

Trust me, every time I finish my shower , I always smell super amazing as if I just came out of a spa! 😉

So…that’s it for now! And are you still there in your blanket? Now get up and treat yourself a nice, luxurious, warm shower. It’s good for your body and mind :*

Stay pretty,