I guess the blog name is already self-explanatory. My name is Hegia. I love all pretty things namely beauty and fashion. Apart from that, I enjoy eclectic interior design, listening to foreign music, the smell of fresh roses in saturday market, every sip of my matcha latte, and the view of the city from the rooftop. I capture the beauty of every little things, meaning that I take my own photos, committed to only feature excellent quality pictures here on my blog.

I have an education background in architecture and have always had  a penchant towards the world. Have traveled to almost every places I have ever dreamed of. Now I am settled down here in the Netherlands with my soulmate.

Personality wise, I am an ambivert. I love people as much as I love being on my own. I can be warm and super friendly, but also be socially awkward sometimes. At times like that I would rather be at home wearing pyjama and watching korean dramas. My guilty pleasure.

Interested in collaborating with me or just want to drop me a line? I would love to hear that from you! Drop me a note here:

And wish you a happy day!