Hello people!
Seems like we’ve a lot of catching up to do. So let’s get started with my April monthly favourites, shall we?

Zara Coat


I fell in love with this Chanel-esque frock coat from Zara since it effortlessly elevates any outfits and makes you look so chic. It is not very warm though, so it is perfect for spring season. In the picture I was wearing a warm sweater inside since it’s always cold here in The Hague anyway.
I’ve tried to find the link but they don’t have it anymore in this colour. But you can still check their other coats with similar style now at Zara’s webshop!

Fossil – Emma Satchel Bag


Anyone who follows my instagram or my friends IRL must have noticed that I’ve been wearing this bag non.stop. This is such an amazing leather bag in quality and size. Yes, THE SIZE! I swear it fits everything… My essentials, makeup pouch, my Canon G7X camera, my fat Senz umbrella, and whatnot. It also looks so classic and a little bit preppy which I like: it tones down the whole look and makes the overall outfit be low-key chic. Fossil is an amazing brand for high quality leather goods in quite an affordable price.

Get the bag HERE.

MEMO – French Leather


This is everything I want in a perfume. Imagine you sitting in cosy parisian cafe, there is bouquet of roses on a table, you’re in love and you waiting for your lover, you opening your leather purse grabbing red lipstick. This is MEMO French Leather! MEMO is such an amazing niche brand with superior quality fragrance. What I love the most is their formula: you can smell the scents so solidly since the first spray. There is no “alcoholic” smell at all like all other perfumes, meaning that their perfume oil content is that high. I have mentioned about this brand from my Babassu review here. I decided to get the French Leather since it truly represents my personality: full of contradiction. It’s so hard to describe.. but it has those fresh and floral scents from lime, pink pepper, and rose, yet dark and smooth like brown suede and leather. The scent blends in my skin perfectly and it stays all day long!
The price is quite steep for a 75ml eau de perfume, but I should say it is worth every single penny and I would definitely repurchase once I finish with it. Because that’s how much I love it.

Get the perfume HERE or directly on their website HERE.

Cluse – La Vedette Mesh Full in Rose Gold


I’ve been looking for a perfect small sized watch that is not too flashy but still look dressy. I tried to purchase the one from Bering at de Bijenkorf but it was completely out of stock 😦 Luckily I’ve found a similar one from Cluse for a more affordable price! And it is also less pinkish which I like because it is more neutral and blends so much more naturally on my skin tone.

Get the watch HERE.

LUSH – Celestial moisturiser


Hands down. This moisturiser does wonders to my sensitive – dry skin. I ran out of my usual I’m From Vitamin Tree Watergel and my skin was really in need for more hydration. So I then tried this moisturiser from Lush, which I was so scared to begin with because Lush skincare for me is a hit-and-miss, since my face is sensitive to perfume and you all know Lush is so much about that fragrant life. I’ve tried the Million Dollar moisturiser in the past but it just stayed on the surface of my skin and the face still got flakey, so I gave it up. But Celestial is a WOW. This calms my skin immensely that the redness on my skin is so much less now, and it keeps my skin supple and dewy all day long! Another big plus, it’s non-fragranced. Now I can not have a day without it.

Get Celestial HERE.

The Ordinary – Niaciamide 10% + Zinc 1%


This skincare line from Deciem has been taking over the internet recently and I can understand why. They offer this straight forward skincare products – mostly serums -with different active ingredients in very affordable prices (I bought this one for only around 6 euro). And they work. I picked this one with Niaciamide, which is a part of vitamin B group, to help lighten my acne scars. We all know Vitamin C is a very effective ingredient to fight with hyper pigmentation, but unfortunately my sensitive skin can not take it 😦 even a low dosage of L-ascorbic acid (the most common vitamin C derivative) can get my skin red, blotchy, and itchy :(( So I opted for Niaciamide instead and it works well! My skin doesn’t react to it and although the progress is not dramatically fast, I can already see some good improvement on my acne scars.

Get the serum HERE.

Walter Benedict

I also found new favourite place to hang out in The Hague! It is a french bistro Walter Benedict at Denneweg. They offer diverse lunch and dinner menu, a nice list of wine, decent coffee, and soothing lounge French music. The interior is so cozy too! It is like a more grown-up hip place 😉




then the last but not least….

Lovewave – 그 밤 (The Night)

Open the link only when you want to fall asleep fast. This is one of those songs that you’d want to listen to during those sleepless nights. Everything in this song is extremely soothing. Give it a try!


So finally this post has to come to an end, and I’m so happy to have shared with you, you lovely people! And if you enjoy my content here, you can also check my Instagram page (@heyhegia) because I post pictures daily there, and let’s be friends! 🙂
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Hello all!
The month of March has just passed, and it means the time for another monthly favourites! Some products that are mentioned here actually are my re-discoveries, meaning that I have owned them for quite a long time but I just happened to love using them so much (again) lately.

So, without further a do, let’s start with..


I got this in 30ml sample size and I love how it smells and how it makes my skin feel! I recently just treated myself a new (again!) perfume from MEMO which has pink pepper essence, so I think it would be nice to have similar scents in the body products I use.
Here in Holland you can find Molton Brown at De Bijenkorf or Babassu.


This is basically the perfect lip liner for me. It is waterproof, so it doesn’t smear everywhere which is a BIG plus. The colour is sooooo pretty and natural. I can wear it alone or before my lipstick. Here in Holland you can find Charlotte Tilbury makeup at De Bijenkorf.



Okay, so the first thing that attract me the most is from Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys line is the size. It is so cute, so small, yet sophisticated. The lipstick itself glides super smooth like butter on my lips. And the colour “Collin” is something that I reach out every day, keep it in my beauty pouch everywhere I go. It’s that nude pink which is not too warm not too cool, just very very versatile. It’s just like my lips but better.
Here in Holland you can find Tom Ford makeup at De Bijenkorf (again).




This is the first highlight that I ever purchased. I had been very rarely use them because again, I’m an advocate for naturally glowing skin. BUT, there are times when I also want that extra glow-from-within, since I want it to still looking natural. And this one from Laura Mercier is the right choice, since it shows more like a sheen to the skin rather than those super reflective, glittery, metallic finish that I see too much happening on Instagram girls. Again, you can get Laura Mercier makeup at De Bijenkorf.

On the picture below I’ll show you the places i apply the highlighter on, and I applied them using my fingers. I generally use my fingers rather than using brushes or sponges. It gives me more control over it and also gives off a more natural finish to the skin.





To be honest, I always stayed away from wearing jeans since it was always difficult to find the perfect pair for my unique body type. I also find jeans pants very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. But finally I’ve found my perfect pair, it felt like they are indeed meant to be mine.. I found them at WEEKDAYS, in their smallest size: w26 L28. Everything about these jeans just sit right on me, the length is a liiiitle bit long but not quite a problem, and the waistline is perfect! Normally I always find a “gap” between my lower back and the pants but not with this one as you can see in the pictures. And they are super flexible and comfortable too! I’ve been rocking these pants non-stop since then.

I also want to show you 2 Korean thriller series that I had been enjoying so much in the month of March! These series have already ended by this time so you can do a series marathon after this (but only if you want to…)


Image source: AsianWiki

I am an avid fan of serial killer series/movies. Like, REALLY. I’ve watched almost every Korean serial killer series and movies. And this is one of them. The story is about Moo Jin-Hyuk, a detective whose wife was brutally murdered by a serial killer, and Kang Kwon-Joo, a voice-profiler whose father was also murdered by the same killer. Together they tried to solve some cases that would finally lead them to catch the killer that is responsible for the deaths of their family members.


Image source: koreandrama.org

This series is about  Park Jung-Woo, a prosecutor, who got falsely accused for murdering his family, and sentenced to death. One day, he wakes up and finds himself in locked up at the police station. He has temporary amnesia. He must struggle to prove his innocence and find the truth behind what happened to his family that night. This series started a bit slow at the first episodes but it really got better and better. It is more “polished” than Voice, but it will still make you at the edge of your seat.

Now since the two series were finished, my life feels empty again… But thankfully there is this new drama replacing Voice which is also pretty darn good!! It’s called “Tunnel”. So I still have something interesting to watch in my free time (which is almost non-existent..)

Okay, it’s a wrap! It’s a bit lengthy but I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to drop any comments down below to share your March favourites too!

Until next post,


This weekend finally snow came down in Holland! And luckily we live nearby the woods that was completely covered in white, it was so magical.



Here I wore a caped coat I got from a random street shop in Istanbul. And the scarf is of Russian that I got in Moscow. I love the traditional design so much that I bought in four different colours! They are made of combination of silk and wool, making them feel so warm and silky.









Actually I just realised, that I look like our matryoshka doll in this outfit :))


You are welcome.


Thank you so much for stopping by, see you again on next post!


Winter in Paris| Part. 3: The End

Here we arrive at the last part of my Winter in Paris series! I apologise that it took me awhile, but here it is!

On that day we went to The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, or known as Sacré-Coeur. It was located up the hill with an amazing view of the city.






On that day I wore the baby blue coat from River Island, Skirt from H&M, Rebecca Minkoff bag, and of course, my babushka scarf 😀





And since I was craving so much for snails, aka escargot, we ended that day with having dinner at a specialty restaurant which has been well-known as the best place to eat escargot: L’Escargot Montorgueil.


You are welcome.

I stuffed my tummy in that night with 24 big snails. Soooooooo gooooooodddd…….. The truffle sauce and classic sauce……were on point. Speechless. If you are going to Paris and looking for an excellent place to eat escargot, there you go.



That is a wrap! Thank you so much for following my Winter in Paris series, I hope you enjoy it even though I know I might not have given you any super useful information other than flooding you screen with my vain photos :)))  Shortly I want to express how I enjoyed Paris so much. The atmosphere, the people, the streets, the buildings, the food.. so good. We’ll come visit you again at some other time, Paris!




Winter in Paris | Part.2: A life-changing experience

That day (20 December 2016) officially marked a good one year of our marriage! That’s why we decided to go to the tower which has been featured in too many love songs.


Who says that you can not wear your summer dress in winter time? Just layer it on top of any basic warm piece (in here I wore a basic white turtle neck), and there you’ve got a cute but warm outfit that is winter appropriate! And don’t forget your hero piece aka. coat, that will put your look together. And oh.. how I love red! I found this red coat at Bershka at a very affordable price. Such a steal for the look!




And don’t forget to add a bit of sparks with the accessories! I am not jewellery savvy, since I am too lazy to take 10 bracelets and rings on in the morning, and take all of them off at night. :p A little touch of gold is enough for me!

I have to say that it was the first time for me to visit Eiffel Tower. And climbed. Yes, we climbed up the stairs, not by elevator. Because why not 😀









Happy first anniversary to us!


Later that day we walked down Champs-Élysées which was lit so beautifully. Went to Ladurée for some pretty macaroons and had our anniversary dinner at Maison de l’Alsace, where I finally had a life-changing experience.



I’ve always heard about escargots and how people love this French delicacy. So I finally tried it myself and I was literally BLOWN. AWAY. It was life changing. What have I done with my whole life??? Even though the rest of the meal we had was amazing, I still could not forget those burgundy snails. I went to bed that night couldn’t stop thinking about eating snails as the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. #snailislyfe


That is for the second part of this Paris trip! I hope you enjoy this Paris series.
Stay tune for the part 3 :*





Winter in Paris | Part 1: Babushka lvl. 99


We were in Paris last week (18-22 December) to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and it was actually my first time being there! I always thought Paris as one of the most overrated cities in the world, but now i admit it is indeed that beautiful. And romantic. Oui?


Before going, I already knew that it would be freezing over there. Hence I brought along three different coats with me (besides the fact that those coats are my favourite) and of course I wanted to make good winter outfit pictures! Kudos to my #instaHusband for his talent 😀



I was so happy that I also brought my Russian scarves along because seriously, it was that cold that I could get headache easily. The scarf is very warm since it was made of silk and wool and I didn’t care if I would look like a babushka (Russian granny) :p The pattern and the colours are also incredibly vibrant and beautiful, I regret for not buying other colours when I was in Russia 😦


We really enjoyed walking around the city aimlessly, I believe that is the best way to explore a city. I love the streets in Paris so much!


The bag and the shoes I wore were mentioned in my previous post here.

The black coat was from River Island. Speaking of which, I am happy that RV offers a wide variants of size. I picked the smallest size and it fits me like a dream! It is always a challenge to find coats in my size here in Holland. I find RV coats are of good quality compared to other high-street fashion brands out there, while still being within a reasonable price range. But unfortunately, they don’t sell this coat anymore on their webshop so I can’t give you the link 😦

On that day we went to visit Notre Dame de Paris.





And for the dinner we had a typical French winter dish (please correct me if I’m wrong) bœuf à la Bourguignonne.


And creme brûlée for dessert 😀



The river Seine was incredibly pretty that night (or every night, obviously).


And….here is the picture of me there in babushka lvl. 99


That’s it for now!

Hope you like it!


Please stay tune for the part 2 :*


Black x Gold

I just realised, that lately I’ve been drawn into a certain type of accessories. I’ve always loved golden stuffs, I see this compliments my skin tone very well while being classic at the same time. At the other hand, I like black accessories too. The combination of both colours is a match made in heaven… Black helps to tame down the flashiness of gold, as I don’t like being too much of a “bling-bling” (if you know what I mean….)

So these are some stuffs I got recently in the past couple of months that are (accidentally) all black x gold!


It is a Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Crossbody bag and it has a similar style and vibe as Chanel Boy but but with a friction of the price. The bag is beautifully made and the leather is so soft! I also love the fact that you can barely see the brand name there. I am not all about those flashy big logos/names on my handbags. I adore a bag for its silhouette and quality 🙂 I find this bag fits the winter theme so much! Get the bag here.

The clasp is secure and the brand name is subtly carved
The chain is adjustable
It has an extra pocket at the back
It fits pretty much my essentials in
It comes with a dust bag



It is from Coach and I got it from here. I have switched from full sized wallets into card holder type for a couple of years now since I use my pin card here all the time and this small wallet is just very compact it fits in my jacket pocket and smaller bags perfectly. (okay, that’s a long sentence!) Again, I like how plain the model is and I also find the envelope style really cute and classic 😀



There are enough compartments inside, and the zipper makes it even more secure



I was looking for a perfect-small sized pen case with this black gold style, and found this at H&M! I was sooooo happy….. The size is perfect and totally my style. Get this pen case here. The golden pen and mechanical pencil I got them from Flying Tiger for only 4 euro altogether. I am so happy just staring at my pencil case…. I am as weird as that.




I was looking for a pair of ankle boots that have a feminine silhouette but also comfy at the same time. I have always been wearing my chunky boots for 3 years and it’s time for a change. The heels on these shoes are not that high so they are pretty comfy while still giving those extra centimeters to my height. And I adore those criss cross belts with golden buckles! Get the shoes here.




That’s it for now!

I hope you enjoy this post and see you on the next one which will be all about my skincare. It will be very interesting and I can’t wait to share with you those!! I schedule my updates to be around 2-3 posts per week depends on the materials and the time I have on hands. But I promise I will try my best to be as routine as I can and share with you all that good stuffs 😉

Stay tune,