We just moved into a new apartment this summer. I love the location and its surrounding (this is always my number one priority in choosing a place to live), which is right in between The Hague’s city centre and the beach. Beside the location, I also had all kind of different wishes for the apartment itself; high ceiling, big window, a balcony facing the street, on 1st or 2nd floor, and….. a bath tub. I should admit that the house hunting period was a stressful one, but thankfully it finally paid off. We got what we wished for: 3,6 m high ceiling, big windows from both sides, and we’ve even got 2 sunny balconies! Since then we’ve been filling it in with the furnitures we’ve carefully picked from all different kind of places.

More or less the main interior pieces are now well curated. So let me take you to our apartment tour! I will also insert the link for each product, if it’s available.

chandelier noise

The chandelier is from the previous owner and although at first i thought it wasn’t pretty, but in the end we’re keeping it since it actually kind of fits with our theme pretty well!

tv 2 noise

This 60’s style teak wood dressoir is from Furnified. Oh such a show stealer he is! Everyone who visited our house always asked where did we get this dressoir from. So now you know where to get it 🙂 And the painting standing next to it was…….made by me!

mirror 2 noise

We bought this huge mirror (100 x 190 cm) from an ornament shop on Prinsegracht.

sofa noise

Royal blue velvet sofa from Made.com

zaratables noise

Side table set with marble top from Zara Home

dining 3 noise

Our dining table was vintage, given by Bob’s friend’s grandfather, and it is extendable up to 8-10 seats. So yes, we can have a proper Christmas dinner here 😉 The dining chairs are also a very lucky vintage find. They are of Danish designer J.L. Møller from the 50’s.

kitchen noise

Navy-royal blue is our chosen colour theme, while we’ve put some touch of gold and brass as the accent. Important to us to keep the space open, airy and spacious.

living room noise FIX

living room2 noise

peek noise

The poef is from Sissy-boy

kast noise

Both the cabinet and mirror are again, vintage (YES FOR THE LOVE OF VINTAGE…..)

makeup noise


I am also BIG fan of Art Deco period, so a little touch of it surely won’t hurt. You can always find this Giso lamp from any art deco shop, or you can also check Gispen out.

bed noise

bob shelving noise

Bob’s working area

bathroom noise

And….my favourite place in a whole house! This is where the magic happens.

scenery noise

That’s as far as I can show you and hopefully you can get some inspiration, or simply enjoy this post 🙂 And good to remember that home always grows with us. For now this is what we have, but we plan to get other bits of things later, like some nice artworks, floor lamp, reading lights, or a nice fluffy rug to warm us up during the upcoming winter.

I’d like to also let you know that I do commission on interior design/styling project within the Netherlands. Just drop me a message if you are interested 🙂


See you on next post,






Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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