Hello there! I actually have prepared this post since 2 weeks ago but I’ve been super super busy so I apologise for the delay. As you all notice I had been rocking pink hair for awhile. A lot of people asked me what I do to take care of my coloured hair. So I think it is the time to share you my secret ❤

I use multiple products to keep my hair on point, to be honest it’s such a chore but I have to do what I’ve got to do, right? Let’s get started then!



Having coloured hair means that I have to be extra picky when it comes to washing my hair. Some shampoos can wash the colour out rapidly than others. Choose products that are labeled as “colour safe”. I use Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner, they work pretty well on cleansing and moisturise my hair with minimal colour bleeding. The blend of 6 different oils in this particular line helps to detangle my hair, which was also an issue with I always have with my hair. However, I like this shampoo and conditioner but I’m not that obsessed with them. I will probably switch to Oribe Signature shampoo and conditioner after I finish with this one.

I purchased them in Gould Kappers in Den Haag. It is a hair salon that exclusively using Bumble and Bumble products in their salon. It is actually located just right across Hug The Tea from my previous blog post! 😀 But if you don’t live in Den Haag, you can also get Bumble and Bumble products here.



After washing my hair, before start brushing it I always spray my hair with this detangling spray from Matrix. Although my hair is already pretty smooth from the conditioner, I still need this spray, I will never try to brush my wet hair without it!! It makes my life so much easier. It’s non sticky and does not smell too strong. I got this spray from here.



If you’ve been with me for a while you must be familiar with these ones. I’ve mentioned them many times already in my previous posts. The main ingredients of this line from Natura Siberica is sea-buckthorn oil. So I apply the hair oil only at the tip of my hair while it’s still wet. I also use the hair mask every week in place of my conditioner to give that extra repaire boost! You can get Natura Siberica products here.



This is a holy grail product. This ultra-rich cream is so amazing to moisturise the dry and frizzy parts of your hair like, in a blink of an eye! I apply it anytime on dry hair, when I’m in tram, at home watching series, of before i go out just to make sure my hair looks shiny and extra healthy. A little bit goes a long way though! So be careful not to be carried away or you’ll end up like a greasy mess :)) Get the product here.



Oh yes, whenever I want to have an extra “oomph” for my hair, make it extra volumious and va-va-voom, I will use this dry texturizing spray by Oribe. You can also use it as a dry shampoo, with an extra volume (who doesn’t want that?!). The downside is that it is so expensive. I have mine in travel size for €22, and €44 for a full size. If you are in the Netherlands, you can get Oribe products here.


By the time I’m typing this, I actually have just dyed my hair dark again. However, you all know I had been rocking dark pink hair for quite a long time. I’ve got often asked how did I get my hair done, and the truth is I did everything all by myself.

I have a natural dark brown hair just like any other Asian people, so I had to bleach by hair first. After bleaching then I apply semi permanent hair colour diluted with any white conditioner. Here goes the fun part. You can mix any colour in order to reach those unique colour that you desire. For my signature hair colour I mixed La Riche Direction in Tulip with a liiiitle bit of Dark Tulip, resulting in dark, purplish pink.


The result:



I purchased all my hair colouring products from Pro Duo, a retail chain for hair salon supplies, which is located near my house.

Unfortunately, the colour will always washed out every time I wash my hair, that made me have to re-color my hair every 2 weeks. And that is the main reason why I decided to go back to dark hair, as I don’t have time to do that anymore.

So, that’s it for my haircare routine. I know it’s quite complex but I love the fact that my hair still feels quite healthy despite all the chemical processes it had been through. So if you ever wish to get your hair coloured (like a unicorn…), prepare yourself for giving your hair those extra treats to keep it healthy and happy!

Thank you for reading and see you on next post!
If you have any question you can always drop in the comment section below, I’d be happy to help 🙂

Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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