I’ve recently got my hands on this beautiful perfume from Penhaligon’s, which makes it my first perfume from a niche luxury brand category. I should admit, the first thing that got into me was the uber cute packaging! And then the more I looked the brand up, the more interested I became. There is something special with wearing a niche perfume, it feels more secretive, more special. I’ve always been a Chanel no.5 girl but I think now I’m going to turn my back away from the mainstream!

About Penhaligon’s

Founded in 1870 by William Penhaligon, Penhaligon’s are true masters of British perfumery. Going to a Penhaligon’s boutique is an experience in itself. The scents lure passers-by into a magnificent setting that combines a mix of traditional, modern, classic and the unusual—perfectly encapsulating the British quirkiness that Britain is most famous for. The boutiques, located in only the finest places in London, are never the same—each is filled with different nick-nacks and antiques, creating different, eclectic personalities.

Penhaligon’s is exceedingly proud of its British heritage, staying truly old-fashioned from the bottles to their packaging; the spirit of Penhaligon’s founder is still alive in the house today. Moving to London in the 1860’s, William Penhaligon started off as a hairdresser at the famous Piccadilly Turkish Baths on Jermyn Street. With a keen eye for business, he opened a salon nearby and started to create lotions and potions that would attract the finest of clientele—including the royal family. Penhaligon has had a strong connection with the British Royal family, going way back over a century. 

I’ve ordered some samples before, and I was a bit torn between choosing Artemisia or Ellenisia. But at the end I chose Ellenisia because it makes me feel like I’m wearing a flower bouquet on me! 😀


As I said, the glass bottle is so pretty and it has “Penhaligon’s” embossed at the back. I got myself in the size 100 ml.



According to the its website, it has:

Head notes:
Mandarin Zest and Violet Leaf
Heart notes:
Gardenia, Rose, Tuberose And Jasmine
Base Notes:
Nectar And Vanilla

For me, the scent is like a burst of florals, I smell mainly the tuberose. It makes me feel like I am laying on a flower field, with a floral bouquet in my hands. And I love wearing floral perfume, but not a very sweet one since I’d like to feel feminine but not child-like, more of a grown-up feminine but not yet a very mature one. That’s why I don’t like when a perfume is intoxicating. Who wants to feel sexy but nauseous at the same time? :))

BUT, regardless how much I love the scent, there are a couple of things I’m not really in favour with.

  • Although it is an Eau de Parfum, the smell of the alcohol at the beginning is pretty intense. It needs a little bit of time until it is completely gone and unravel the truly beautiful scent of the perfume.
  • It is not that long lasting. Unfortunately 😦 Maybe it has something to do with the point number one, that it has quite a generous amount of alcohol even though it is labeled as an Eau de Parfum. On my skin it lasted for 3-4 hours and then need some reapplication, which is not that handy most of the time. I have tried some other eau de parfum(s) that even lasted on my clothes for 2 days!

Regardless the cons, Ellenisia is still a perfume I’d love to enjoy for a long time, especially at this time of the year when spring is approaching (YAS!!)
So if you are a floral girl like me, it is worth to try and make it as a part of your collection. Penhaligon’s is a beautiful brand and so are other niche luxury brands out there! This is just a start 😉

Get Ellenisia here:



Stay pretty,


PS: all the photos here are created and owned by me. Please do not take any of my photos without any permission. They were made with my hard work and tons of love ❤

Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.


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