I’d like to announce that starting now I will have this Monthly Favorites segment, showing things I have been into or loving so much in that month. It can be anything from beauty items to lifestyle, product reviews and recommendations!  I love watching this type of segment so much by my favourite Youtubers out there, and I think why not doing the same thing here on my blog? 😀 So, without further ado, let’s GO!

Agenda 2017agenda1


I purchased this agenda from Sissy-boy, how i can be more Dutch than this? :))) But I indeed really need an agenda that has monthly overview and daily columns as well. It has made my life so much easier and organised. There are also blank pages for every week and it allows me to write down my other necessities like shopping lists and blog plans. The size of this agenda is also perfect, not too small that I can barely write anything or too big that can not fit in my handbag.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation has been quite a journey for me. I want my foundation to still look like skin: natural finish that still allows my skin to breathe but still covers some of my imperfections if needed. I’m always so careful to try new brands since I have an acne-prone skin. Last year I had used my Hello Flawless! from Benefit up but even though I loved how it makes my skin super glowy, it oxidised so much and broke down easily during the day. I then switched to Klairs BB cream, which i liked a lot, but the shade (sadly they only came up with one shade!) did not seem quite right. So after doing my research, I ended up with this foundation from Giorgio Armani and YASS… now I understand why it has become a cult favourite. It feels so light on my skin, and it glides on soooo… smoothly like a dream. The finishing is silky and luminous (like its name) with a medium coverage that is buildable and non-cakey, perfect for my dry skin. The staying power is also quite impressive. I wear it all day to work and still looks good at the end of the day, no colour breakdown like Benefit’s one does. It also came out in plenty of shades so there is always something for everyone. I myself use shade number 4, and purchased it from de Bijenkorf.

Secret Key Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gellemon1


I can not stress more the importance of skin exfoliation! Unfortunately my sensitive skin can not handle grainy types of exfoliator quite well (and truth is, that abrasive method is not so good for your skin!). So as I explained on my skincare routine post before, I use low concentration AHA and BHA exfoliants instead. But in some days my skin gets extra dry and flaky, which makes my makeup application so difficult to be smooth. And somehow it happened a lot in January as the weather has gotten super cold here. So I rubbed this peeling gel on my face and then rinse it off with water just before I apply my makeup on and the dead skin flakes went away like no one’s business! After that I can smear my foundation so smoothly. It is so gentle on my skin and no irritation whatsoever. It contains lemon, aloe vera and witch hazel extract, and some different vegetable extracts. I actually bought this last year when I was in Indonesia and re-discovered its magic just recently 😀

By Terry Baume de Rose Nutri-Coleur baume

Left: bare lips, Right: after application

First thing to say, I never in my life bought a lip balm as expensive as this one from By Terry. BUT, there is price and there is quality. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Baume de Rose online, and had a high hope about it when I decided to give it a try. I am that person that always put lip balm on before bed, before makeup, and any time in between, since my lips are naturally so dry and chapped (even in humid environment). I have tried many brands I could find under the sun, but always end up with Vaseline. That’s until i tried Baume de Rose. Seriously, it is that amazing. Even better than Vaseline. It’s not like those lip balms that feels just like butter sitting on your lips doing nothing, or oil that sinks and then gone. I will try to explain how it feels even though it might sound a bit weird: Baume de Rose works like a “glue” that keep the skin of your lips intact, elastic, and solid. Not like Vaseline that I always need to slather it on in a thick layer every time, you’d only need a tiny bit of Baume de Rose and it’s enough. The tint – I have in Bloom Berry – is also more pigmented than I thought it would be. I will definitely repurchase it again! If you are living in Holland, you can order it online at Babassu (ps: they have a huge collection of niche-luxury beauty brands! You’ve been warned ;))

Lush Fresh Face Mask – Love Lettucelush1


You know how much I love Lush fresh face mask. For this January I’ve been in love with Love Lettuce one. It contains lavender to help balance my skin out, clay for deep cleansing, and chlorophyl with all its goodness. After leaving it for 20 minutes and rinse if off with water, my skin feels so soft and buttery. I find this effect very common in Lush mask products. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. BUT, since my skin gets very dry this month I find this effect very lovely and it doesn’t break me out. There are some almond grains in the mask that you can massage and exfoliate your skin with, but since I am not a big fan of scrubs, I skip the exfoliating massage thing 😀 I would recommend this mask for people with all skin types since it is so versatile and leaves your face as soft as baby skin!

and then….the last favourite of the month is……

GOBLIN!!! (The Lonely and Great God)

image source: Allkpop

I’m a big fan of Asian drama series, although I tend to watch a not-so mainstream one. I watch mostly thriller, mystery, and crime dramas. But sometimes I like to watch the popular ones, like this Goblin. The storyline is okay, but the cinematography is seriously pleasing, the acting of all the actors are convincing, and of course, the bromance comedy here and there makes this drama so entertaining to watch.

image source: Allkpop

I have a feeling that the director should have directed many music videos before since all the shots and sets were so aesthetic. But all of those still can not be complete without the beauty of Gong Yoo ❤ He’s like a Greek god statue but in Asian form :))) The drama has just ended recently and we are all left so happy with everything that happened!


So that wraps the post of things I’ve been loving in January. Hope you find this useful in some way. How about you? What was your favourite thing in January?




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