Winter in Paris | Part.2: A life-changing experience

That day (20 December 2016) officially marked a good one year of our marriage! That’s why we decided to go to the tower which has been featured in too many love songs.


Who says that you can not wear your summer dress in winter time? Just layer it on top of any basic warm piece (in here I wore a basic white turtle neck), and there you’ve got a cute but warm outfit that is winter appropriate! And don’t forget your hero piece aka. coat, that will put your look together. And oh.. how I love red! I found this red coat at Bershka at a very affordable price. Such a steal for the look!




And don’t forget to add a bit of sparks with the accessories! I am not jewellery savvy, since I am too lazy to take 10 bracelets and rings on in the morning, and take all of them off at night. :p A little touch of gold is enough for me!

I have to say that it was the first time for me to visit Eiffel Tower. And climbed. Yes, we climbed up the stairs, not by elevator. Because why not 😀









Happy first anniversary to us!


Later that day we walked down Champs-Élysées which was lit so beautifully. Went to Ladurée for some pretty macaroons and had our anniversary dinner at Maison de l’Alsace, where I finally had a life-changing experience.



I’ve always heard about escargots and how people love this French delicacy. So I finally tried it myself and I was literally BLOWN. AWAY. It was life changing. What have I done with my whole life??? Even though the rest of the meal we had was amazing, I still could not forget those burgundy snails. I went to bed that night couldn’t stop thinking about eating snails as the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. #snailislyfe


That is for the second part of this Paris trip! I hope you enjoy this Paris series.
Stay tune for the part 3 :*





Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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