Winter in Paris | Part 1: Babushka lvl. 99


We were in Paris last week (18-22 December) to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and it was actually my first time being there! I always thought Paris as one of the most overrated cities in the world, but now i admit it is indeed that beautiful. And romantic. Oui?


Before going, I already knew that it would be freezing over there. Hence I brought along three different coats with me (besides the fact that those coats are my favourite) and of course I wanted to make good winter outfit pictures! Kudos to my #instaHusband for his talent 😀



I was so happy that I also brought my Russian scarves along because seriously, it was that cold that I could get headache easily. The scarf is very warm since it was made of silk and wool and I didn’t care if I would look like a babushka (Russian granny) :p The pattern and the colours are also incredibly vibrant and beautiful, I regret for not buying other colours when I was in Russia 😦


We really enjoyed walking around the city aimlessly, I believe that is the best way to explore a city. I love the streets in Paris so much!


The bag and the shoes I wore were mentioned in my previous post here.

The black coat was from River Island. Speaking of which, I am happy that RV offers a wide variants of size. I picked the smallest size and it fits me like a dream! It is always a challenge to find coats in my size here in Holland. I find RV coats are of good quality compared to other high-street fashion brands out there, while still being within a reasonable price range. But unfortunately, they don’t sell this coat anymore on their webshop so I can’t give you the link 😦

On that day we went to visit Notre Dame de Paris.





And for the dinner we had a typical French winter dish (please correct me if I’m wrong) bœuf à la Bourguignonne.


And creme brûlée for dessert 😀



The river Seine was incredibly pretty that night (or every night, obviously).


And….here is the picture of me there in babushka lvl. 99


That’s it for now!

Hope you like it!


Please stay tune for the part 2 :*


Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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