My Winter Skincare Routine

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I hope you had an amazing time with loved ones ūüôā

Firstly I’m sorry for the late update, I was working on something really urgent and it was apparently taking so much of my time and effort 0_0 And also, I was in Paris last week for 5 days. So.. my life has been a hustle bustle these days. But I like it so it’s fine!

Now… Let’s go to my winter skincare routine! (Beware, it will be a freakin’ long post)

Yes, I use so many products since I have converted to the Korean layering skincare regime. And yes, I do invest a lot on my skin care. Because¬†for me,¬†having a good skin is my priority. Let’s say I will not feel pretty even when I wear the prettiest dress if I have breakouts.

I had always used prescribed skincare from Natasha (if you’re Indonesian you must know this brand) and it had been going well through warmer days here in Holland, until……last October. When the weather suddenly got so much drier and colder, I started to break-out with rashes on my cheeks which is VERY unusual since I never broke-out there ever before. And my usual creams just irritated my skin even more. I was devastated T_T I used to have such clear and glowing skin! I then tried different products such as of Paula’s Choice, Sudocrem (because I thought the rash could be cured by this, but NO), and other random natural products. My skin only got worse… The breakout still lasted for almost 2 months until…

a ray of light came since¬†I watched Wishtrend on Youtube (you REALLY need to check them out. They are seriously a gem.) and¬†I finally understood why my skin had acted that way. The main reason is because it was extremely dehydrated and clogged with dead skin cells!!! That’s why what I need the most is HYDRATION and MOISTURE. They are different but they work together creating the barrier to protect your skin. Without this barrier, your skin get irritated easily and prone to rash and pimples, just like what I just experienced. To better understand, watch the video here.¬†Another thing, you should also know that as you grow older, your skin cell turn-over gets slower and slower. But dead skin must go away! The problem was, how to get rid of them without having to do an abrasive exfoliation that will only irritate my dry skin even more? The answer is the combination of gentle chemical exfoliants: AHA and BHA.

I then did a HUGE haul from Wishtrend, and tried their products myself. Please note that I bought them with my own money, and whatever I write here is based on my honest opinion alone.

So now I will break down the steps I do for my skincare. And yes, I use all of them layer by layer even though they look like a lot of work. But¬†they indeed work. My skin has starting to clear up only within 2 weeks!¬†Now I only have a little bit of acne scars (I used to pick my pimples before I use Wishtrend products and it was a big NO NO, don’t touch your pimples!!) but they are easy to cover with a bit of concealer. And they are way easier to heal than of course, any active acnes.

This is the photo of my skin before-after, NO editing/filter:


For me, double cleansing is a must. cleansing

  1. Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Oil – is amazing on removing my makeup including my waterproof mascara. And it doesn’t sting my eyes! This is the best oil cleanser I have ever tried so far, and will keep using this forever. I use this oil only at night if I wear makeup on that day.
  2. Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap – I use this immediately after the cleansing oil and it does a freaking good job to make my skin clean and feel super clean! I use this both morning and night.
  3. Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish – I only use this once a week since it is a physical exfoliator. Mix it with the cleansing oil to make it even gentler. I actually use this very rarely since I tend to avoid physical exfoliator. I only use this when I reaaallllyyy need that scrubby feeling.


Layering order: Left to rightmorning-routine

  1. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner РHANDS DOWN. THE-BEST-TONER-EVER. The hype is real, guys. This stuff is amazing. This toner is very hydrating, very moisturising, very soothing, and it feels very good on my skin. The texture is thicker than water, it feels more like an essence. I prefer this to the SK-II wayyyy more. And you can also use this toner as serum. I put this toner 2-3 layers on and let my skin soaked in moisture. A holy grail.
  2. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum – This is packed with hyaluronic acid which is amazing to maintain the moisture in your skin. But to be honest, I like the toner better than this serum. So I usually layer my toner twice or three times and skip this serum ūüėÄ
  3. Face Stockholm Seaweed Eye Cream – This is a very cooling and soothing eye cream!
  4. COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid – Exfoliation is extremely important, even though you don’t need to do it¬†everyday. This BHA gel is very gentle, it uses betaine salicylate to help exfoliate from deep¬†inside your pores. Hence avoids the formation of blackheads and prevents the pores from getting clogged. I love this 1000x better than Paula’s Choice one. I’m sorry Paula…but your BHA products just irritated my skin even more ūüė¶
  5. I’m From Vitamin Tree Water Gel – I love this moisturiser!! So light and soothing and hydrating. The main ingredient is sea-buckthorn (oblepikha) water which is packed with a lot of good minerals and vitamin C, B, and E. I’m obsessed¬†with anything sea-buckthorn. I use a lot of sea-buckthorn based products from Natura Siberica and I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  6. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream – This cream has a perfect balance of moisture and oil in it. You can not go wrong with this one!
  7. Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser – I think this is the best moisturiser from Lush if you have a very dry skin. It feels so luxurious, like putting a warm blanket on your skin, and it smells divine. It gives your skin an instant glow. And the best part is it has SPF30! So I will skip sunscreen if I use this. However I only use this moisturiser when my skin feels extremely dry since it’s quite a heavy cream.
  8. Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion SPF 40/PA++ – I ditched my Kiehl’s sunscreen (I loved this so much in the past) for this lotion, since this one¬†is better in any ways! It protects, brightens, primes, and even calms my skin down! Thanks to the blue chamomile in it. So I’m not scared to wear this lotion even in time when I have breakouts.


Layering order: Left to rightnight-routine

As you see some products are just the same with the ones I use in the morning. So here I will just add the extra products that I apply only at night.

4.¬†23years old Badecasil Cream 7 in 1 Solution – This is an amazing¬†AHA exfoliating product. It contains glycolic acid that helps to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Firstly I was afraid that this product would just produce more dry flakes on my skin but it was the other way around! How do I say this…it seems like this cream eats the dead skin cells away!? I wake up the next day with smoother texture on my skin! Like magic 0_0 But¬†please beware, if you’re new to chemical exfoliants please use it only 1-2 times a week, and then you can build your skin’s resistance up little by¬†little! For me I use it around 2-3 times a week.

5. Lush Skin’s Shangrila – This moisturiser is packed with good oil and refreshing vodka (YES!) to help brighten and firm¬†your skin. I use this sometimes, not always. Only in time when in need the extra boost of moisturization!

6. Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder – I use this on pimples when I have breakouts. It helps to reduce the size and the redness overnight. It is actually very similar to Mario Badescu drying lotion one. But unfortunately I can not find this product on Wishtrend site anymore I don’t know why ūüė¶ But there’s another alternative here.



My pimples are of milder type, but they are still pimples and I hate them to death. When I am patient enough, I use the pinky powder and they will go away in a week time. But when I can’t stand anymore, I execute extract them myself. These are what I use:


I extract my pimple using the pimple extruder¬†until it has nothing left inside, and then I cover the spot using the acne patch¬†and leave it overnight. The next day I remove the patch and the spot is completely flat. This acne patch from COSRX is very good! It’s way better than the Nexcare one which is very popular, IMO.
And whenever I need an extra calming and soothing after extraction or just any kind of irritation, I apply this Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream at night and then the next day the redness is gone.





I believe in the power of face masks. And LUSH fresh face mask is life. Lush offers a lot of different masks that can fit to any of your specific needs. For me, I find Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic suit my skin best. And this fresh face mask is better used in combination with their serum Full of Grace. It boosts the softening effect to your skin!

  1. Full of Grace РIt is a solid serum made of amazing combination  of butters and essential oils that will melt immediately on your warm skin. Apply this on your clean and dry face before applying the face mask!
  2. Catastrophe Cosmetic – It helps calming, soothing, cleansing, and hydrate my skin at the same time. It’s a versatile mask and suitable for all skin types!
  3. Cupcake – This mask is made of chocolate! YASSSS…. It leaves my skin super soft and protected, thanks to the cocoa butter in it.

In general, I use the mask 2-3 times a week.


YEAH…finally this post has come to an end! Quite a long post, right? I can talk non stop if it’s about skincare :)) But apart on what you put on your skin, don’t forget to drink enough water, have enough sleep, eat more fibre, and….CHILL, ladies. Stress is a bitch. But I know we can’t avoid it sometimes, especially during winter time… but well, just try to always be happy and do what you love! Like me writing this blog ūüôā

Stay pretty,





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