Black x Gold

I just realised, that lately I’ve been drawn into a certain type of accessories. I’ve always loved golden stuffs, I see this compliments my skin tone very well while being classic at the same time. At the other hand, I like black accessories too. The combination of both colours is a match made in heaven… Black helps to tame down the flashiness of gold, as I don’t like being too much of a “bling-bling” (if you know what I mean….)

So these are some stuffs I got recently in the past couple of months that are (accidentally) all black x gold!


It is a Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Crossbody bag and it has a similar style and vibe as Chanel Boy but but with a friction of the price. The bag is beautifully made and the leather is so soft! I also love the fact that you can barely see the brand name there. I am not all about those flashy big logos/names on my handbags. I adore a bag for its silhouette and quality 🙂 I find this bag fits the winter theme so much! Get the bag here.

The clasp is secure and the brand name is subtly carved
The chain is adjustable
It has an extra pocket at the back
It fits pretty much my essentials in
It comes with a dust bag



It is from Coach and I got it from here. I have switched from full sized wallets into card holder type for a couple of years now since I use my pin card here all the time and this small wallet is just very compact it fits in my jacket pocket and smaller bags perfectly. (okay, that’s a long sentence!) Again, I like how plain the model is and I also find the envelope style really cute and classic 😀



There are enough compartments inside, and the zipper makes it even more secure



I was looking for a perfect-small sized pen case with this black gold style, and found this at H&M! I was sooooo happy….. The size is perfect and totally my style. Get this pen case here. The golden pen and mechanical pencil I got them from Flying Tiger for only 4 euro altogether. I am so happy just staring at my pencil case…. I am as weird as that.




I was looking for a pair of ankle boots that have a feminine silhouette but also comfy at the same time. I have always been wearing my chunky boots for 3 years and it’s time for a change. The heels on these shoes are not that high so they are pretty comfy while still giving those extra centimeters to my height. And I adore those criss cross belts with golden buckles! Get the shoes here.




That’s it for now!

I hope you enjoy this post and see you on the next one which will be all about my skincare. It will be very interesting and I can’t wait to share with you those!! I schedule my updates to be around 2-3 posts per week depends on the materials and the time I have on hands. But I promise I will try my best to be as routine as I can and share with you all that good stuffs 😉

Stay tune,


Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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