Hello and hello again!

Yes, I made a blog again. For anyone who was familiar with my previous blog “Malishkaya”, I say hello again and thank you for still remembering me T_T (and yes, I am still alive despite the cold wet windy stormy Dutch weather….) And for anyone who just came to know me, or just passed by this blog by any chance,


If anyone wonders why I closed “Malishkaya” down, it was mainly because I had no time to do updates regularly like I used to do since I moved in the Netherlands. Aaaaaand…. personally my personal reason is that I feel that blog was a bit too personal *personalception*. Yes, I am an ambivert: as much as I love being with people I don’t always feel to share things with people (is there anyone who also feels like this? I’m with you.) Sooooo….. I’m so sorry, Malishkayaaaaa…… you served us well and you will always be in my heart. *cough*

For this new blog I want it to be more useful in a way I like it. I knew I posted a lot of useless things on my previous blog but anyhow people loved it I don’t know why?? LOL. People who knows me in real life would know that I am a beauty-addict, fashion-addict, and some other things-addict *grin* but oh well, yes I want to share mostly beauty and fashion-related stuff with some addition of travel (check my Youtube channel!), and…..some random stuff which I feel fun enough to share 😀

So yeah, this blog might be of most useful for you ladies.. But I am not a sexist so you guys are also very very WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all will enjoy this blog ❤

stay pretty,


Author: Hegia

Vintage, feminine, minimalist aesthetic.

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